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Antioch police officers association

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. —. . We issue this statement in response to the statement made yesterday by City of Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe. . . — A San Francisco Bay Area city council is undertaking an audit of its troubled police department, the latest development in a year-long federal investigation of the Antioch. . . ANTIOCH — Multiple community organizers are calling for the city's acting police chief and the president of its police officers' union to step down amid revelations that they and other. District Court for Northern California on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, against five current Antioch Police officers and one former officer, for their racist and other offensive texts and mistreatment of citizens, plus, three current and past police chiefs, the City. Officials in the Bay Area city of Antioch are undertaking an audit of the troubled police department, the latest development in a. . The president of the Antioch Police Officers Association, Sgt Rick Hoffman, is named as sending communications. . Stay up to date with the Antioch POA by joining our mailing list below. . . . . . . , have been implicated in the latest scandal over racist text messages to rock a police department in the state. . . The Dugger Family Poker Night;. . . . . The Antioch Police Officers Association came out over the weekend to reiterate their support of Antioch Mayor Sean Wright after Mayoral Candidate Lamar Thorpe claimed he is greater for law. . . . . The Antioch Police Officers' Association is a non-profit organization that partners with our local community in order to build relationships, serve and protect, as well as give back to the community we love and share. Apr 25, 2023 · Officer Phong Tran, 45, was charged with five felony counts, including two counts of perjury, as well as charges of bribery of a witness, attempted bribery of a witness and subornation of perjury. . . The Vanguard Sacramento Bureau. . met_scrip_pic difference between echolalia and echopraxia.

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