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Claret roundhead cross

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. PO BOX 111 Jellico, TN 37762. . We are a family owned farm located in Southeast North Carolina. . This stock often throws a dark pullet or stag, coming of course from the Cripple Tony blood. 1417 Views Gilmore Grey x White Hatch 2928 Views Sweater Boston vs Cali Hatch We are the original breeders of the pure Peruvian blood lines in the United States I'm not saying that they are any better 544. . . . Download. Have some pure bred gamefowl and crosses for sale - $100 (Borger) Have some pure bred gamefowl and crosses for sale breeds and sizes vary on prices Pure pylePure mel sims black brownreds Pure col givens hatch White Kelso cross Sid Taylor/blues White claret/bloodwing Pyle cross I'm located in borger TX if interested let me know names Joseph you can reach me at 806 660 sixty seven 4 eight. Possum Sweater/ Claret. The yellow legs were bred by those who appropriated the roosters for themselves but nothing noteworthy ever came from these crosses. Out & Out Kelso Stag Hatched August 2020 Available Out & Out Kelso Stag Hatched May 2020 Available Out & Out Kelso Pullets Breedable to all the stags & cocks featured on this page. Manok Roundhead. The good qualities often are the result of the cross and cannot be passed along. . . . roundhead kelso cross. . . . ROUNDHEAD CROSS (GAME CHICKENS, GAMEFOWL) - $100 (MADISON). . ROUNDHEAD CROSS (GAME CHICKENS, GAMEFOWL) - $100 (MADISON) I have 22 STAGS 1/2 ROUNDHEAD 1/2 ASIL for sale 100 each. 00 reservation deposit. . Chicks are available from December. . All throughout the history of the bloodline, the Lacy Roundhead was crossed only with other Roundheads, from fowl breeder friends of the Lacy heir, keeping the stock fairly pure in its own right. The cross was a hit, and kept breeding the old cock to his daughters each season, breeding to the Roundhead side. . . 00 / dozen Special 5 dozen cross eggs My choice: $250. Our Dragon Warrior Kelsos originated from the winning Kelso bloodline families of the great master breeder Johnnie Jumper, Ripley, Mississippi, USA (born in 1931 and died on November 2, 2011), as well as other breeders who got his pure bloodlines and preserved them over the years. TEXT ONLY!!! (7zero6-847-63zero8) im at work most o. The Yellow Leg Hatch does initiate the fight but it fights smart, sometimes in a counterattacking style. . Select Roundhead gamefowl for sale from our pens are available on a limited basis. His sire was a silver-grey, white legged cock that fought and defeated Mr. . . The Lacy Roundhead was basically a mix of Allen and Shelton bloodlines. Pure Lawgrey Available Now! #6. 5% (moderate inbreeding) 3. 1's. . The Clarets come mostly white-legged, deep reds, but some come pure white. ". . . Mickey Massa (504) 289-4700 Cell: (504) 201-8619 ABOUT US Citrus Farm is located in the beautiful rolling hills of Southeast Louisiana. We also have custom tie cords and hitches. Chicken Talk For SERIOUS gamefowl discussion only. 11. HE HAS PLANTY OF POWER AND HE CAN GO THE LONG DISTANCE. . met_scrip_pic selfie movie download 480p.

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