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Home assistant change button icon based on state

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Off works, it shows the black mid:string-lights icon. . I am playing with custom button card ( https://github. The chronology is as follows. The icon library is a superset of the base icon library provided by Google and contains thousands of community-made icons for very specific applications, industries, and use-cases. I have the following code to show an action button: type: custom:state-switch entity: user default: default states: Ich: type: button icon: mdi:weather-night entities: - input_button. Maybe someone of you can point me in a direction. square: true columns: 2 type: grid cards: - show_name: true show_icon: true type: button tap_action: action: toggle entity: cover. . . This type of card can also be used together with other cards that allow. create an automation, have the trigger set to the “state” of the input selector “climate_itc_living_preset” created above. . change color of the icon depending if the. Use this Icon to activate 2. . Knowing a sensor is binary impacts how the sensor’s current state may be represented in Home Assistant’s UI (see Dashboards ). Lovelace: Button card. This ignores entity state, but will still dim. I started building my UI from scratch in Lovelace. however this only applies to the entities on config screens and with the entity card. The first is to create a second “dummy” sensor that uses a template to provide the state you want. I am new and I need help. . . . Picture-elements and change icon of button. door_window_sensor_158d0002b52fb6 color: 'rgb(28, 128, 199)' state: - value: 'off ' color. Im trying to get the icon to change when I turn on and off a switch. This type of card can also be used together with other cards that allow. In lovelace I have an “entity-button” card that will display if my Nest has a leaf or not (eco mode). Based on friendly_name attribute with fall back to object ID. Wild April. tom_l June 6, 2019, 2:34pm #6. Example: Kitchen Ceiling. . 105 the functionality of entity highlighting was changed as mentioned here, to only change the color of light icons when their state was on (which is good. I’d like to change the color the the word “Idle” (or rather the High, Very High when active). . yes it is, but you asked if you can do that. 4 Low 2. there are so. By default they have a square icon that changes based on their state. What I’m trying to accomplish is having the buttons change color based on the value of the ‘percentage’ attribute. . Don’t ever built automations & cards based on states shown in the UI. Search results for ‘change icon based on state’ - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant. . . . yaml and typed: switch. Instructions on how to integrate Template Switches into Home Assistant. Only I need here service_template or similar. 5. 4 on a Raspberry. because I like my cat NOT being yellow when she is at home :P ). button_card_templates: option-button: template: standard show_icon: false aspect_ratio: 1/1 styles: card: - border-radius: 20%. Option Button. I already built a sensor that shows those messages in its state and works like it should just need to know how to use that sensors. I created this card for controlling my TV, using a. Quick styling using “:host” for the following elements: name - displayed under the badge; state or icon - displayed inside the badge; label - displayed in the bottom part of the badge (used for displaying a unit for “sensor” , a state for “device_tracker”); background - color of the badge internal; circle - color of the border. The Change device type of a switch helper integrations lets you convert any Home Assistant switch into a Home Assistant Light, Cover, Fan, Lock, or Siren. Can I change the switch icon? “On”: mdi: open “Off”: mdi: closed I created customize. driveway_battery - sensor. Community maintained list of different ways to use Home Assistant. . met_scrip_pic knaben unblocked.

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